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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

During an emergency dental appointment we focus on addressing your urgent dental issue that requires immediate attention. These emergencies may include severe toothache, broken or knocked out teeth, oral infections, abscesses, and various traumatic injuries to the mouth. The goal of emergency dentistry is to alleviate pain, control bleeding, prevent further damage, and provide timely treatment to restore oral health.

One example is dental trauma resulting from accidents, sports injuries, or falls. Fractured or dislodged teeth are common outcomes of such incidents, requiring immediate attention to increase the chances of successful reattachment. Additonally, severe toothaches due to infections, abscesses, or untreated cavities can also lead patients to seek emergency dental care.

Common dental emergency treatments:

Emergency Root canal, is usually done in the aim of saving a severely infected or damaged tooth from extraction. Emergency Root canal treatment benefits include alleviating severe pain and saving the tooth. It's cost effective compared to losing the tooth and replacing it with an implant or a bridge.

Tooth extraction as an emergency treatment. When there is an infection that can't be treated with root canal therapy, extracting the infected tooth becomes the treatment of choice to prevent spread of infection.

Some dental emergencies require the use of antibiotics to stop or prevent more severe complications as severe pain or swelling. It's important to take antibiotics as prescribed by your dentist to get best results.

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