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Botox to treat TMJ and facial pain

TMJ pain comes from the joint and the surrounding muscle. Stress, grinding, clenching and missing back teeth, usually are the causative factors. As the muscles feel tired they spasm and give the feeling of pain. TMJ and facial pain like migraine can affect daily life.

Treatment of TMJ pain tackle the causative factors, ex, replacing missing back teeth with implants, bridges or removable plates. Night guards to stop grinding and clenching, in addition to prescription medication like muscle relaxants.

A new innovative treatment has been introduced to treat TMJ and Facial pain including migraine is injection of Botox into the muscles affected.

Botox is a very powerful muscle relaxant when injected in the right amount directly into facial muscles. It produces profound relaxation of those muscles and a relief of pain can last from 3-6 months.

Botox injection is relatively a painless procedure, takes place in a clinical setting. Usually not followed by bruising. Effects will start to show in 3 days.

What will happen after the 3-6 months? The effect will start to fade and pain may be back usually not as strong as it was before and a second injection may be needed.

Will this affect the way I look? Facial features will look more relaxed. Lines in the forehead will soften. Bulky cheek muscles become slimmer. People around me feel the difference and you look happier.

If you have TMJ and/ or facial pain symptoms and would like to try this treatment, please give us a call at (519) 668-7635, we are here to help.

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