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Gum Health

Gum health is part of dental hygiene which contributes to general wellness of a person. Healthy gums look pink, stippled and firm.

How to get healthy gums?

To get healthy gums you need to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice daily together with a healthy, diet rich with vitamins, especially vitamin C, and regular dental checkups with your dentist or hygienist to have professional cleaning of your teeth.

What happens to your gum when you don’t maintain good oral hygiene?

Gum becomes inflamed due to accumulated plaque. Inflamed gums appear red, swollen and bleed when brushing teeth. Also inflamed gum is a source of bad breath, a social problem and an indication of poor oral hygiene.

Any other causes of gum problems?

Smoking has detrimental effects on gum health. It lowers blood supply to the gum. Blood supply carries nutrients and oxygen to the gum, which enhance immune system of the gum. Inflammations spread faster in gum of smokers due to compromised immune system of their gums, leading to bone loss and wiggly teeth.

Stress is another contributing factor to gum problems. Stress lowers immunity which affects overall health including gum health.

Effect of gum health on general health

Many studies have linked unhealthy gum to heart problems and respiratory diseases as bacteria and their toxins in your gum circulate in bloodstream causing damage to your body systems.

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